Watermark Brisbane

The Watermark Hotel Brisbane had a major upgrade to the hotel website adding the functionality of a full CMS solution to manage the increasing level of online traffic and to bring the website up to speed with the latest web technologies and standards. The site has 3 versions including a desktop, tablet and mobile for an increase in customer usability satisfaction.

The site has been developed to take advantage web apps and modules within the CMS solution that gives the hotel the ability to manage:

  • Accommodation specials
  • Events
  • Restaurant menus
  • Conference promotions
  • Guest reviews
  • Social media integration and
  • Conference testimonials

These all controlled and updated with no mucking up of the look and feel of the website. The system also has a full CRM module so every touch point of the website via contact forms and signup forms creates a profile of a customer. The system can then auto trigger responses accordingly and email newsletter can be targeted to particular segments of the database.

In addition the specials and promotions can displayed in sliders or banners and all can be managed to expire when the offers are no longer available. The hotel also integrated a booking calendar to the site.